Introduction of an innovative film manufacturer

"A Place of Pioneering Spirit"

Unique, customer-specific, sustainable — these have been the hallmarks of our approach at Folienwerk Wolfen for 30 years. As a film manufacturer with a keen understanding of environmentally friendly and intelligent product development, we are among the pioneers in the field of high-quality extruded plastic films.

Our films are being used in blister packaging and medical devices, thermoforming for food and card-lamination films for credit cards, passports and drivers licenses. Our special EVA films are used in the complex world of safety glass - either in decorative- or safety applications.

Specialist for print, lenticular, and packaging films

One of our core areas of expertise is the development and production of print films that are used as packaging film for food, medical devices, and other products. This includes transparent packaging as well as thermoforming film and other rigid films. In the field of print films, we offer both high-quality multilayer solutions made of PET film as well as special lenticular films for 3-D, flip, morph, and moving-image prints.

Visors - an important contribution in the current pandemic

Currently we are very much focussed on special, high-gloss-transparent PET films for protective visors in order to contribute to the fight against the current pandemia. We provide high-glossy transparent PET film solutions that fullfill the requirements of EN 166. Our films are protected for transport and further processing - learn more about our Medical-Device Films

50 years of know-how in the field of plastic films

When it comes to the development and production of our plastic films, we have over 50 years of employee know-how to fall back on. Whether it be packaging film, technical films, card-lamination films, or special-purpose films, our range of products offers our customers an application-specific solution with all the benefits of a smart co-extrusion film. One of our latest developments is the elastic EVA film evguard®. Its excellent resistance to heat and aging make evguard® ideal for applications in architecture and interior design.

As a leading film manufacturer, Folienwerk Wolfen has its own research and development department. That allows us to develop tailor-made solutions and make them ready for production in close consultation and cooperation with our partners.

Give us a challenge and experience the unique variety of our plastic film solutions.

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