Our mission statement

Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH represents tradition and a pioneering spirit. Our aim is to handle complex tasks successfully and to offer our customers high-quality products.

Openness to special customer requests and all kinds of new things is one of our strengths. We see our customers as valuable partners and our “ideas people.”

Loyalty to employees and business partners, as well as the success of our customers in using our products, is the basis for long-term appreciation of value and further development of the company.

Innovation, to us, is the constant ambition to expand our product portfolio with tailor-made solutions. Continuous improvement of our processes plays an important part.

Every development we come up with and all the research we carry out, some of it with independent institutes, helps us to create competitive products and open up new markets.

Natural resources are selected and used with care to ensure that our application-oriented products are sustainable. This includes recycling materials in accordance with regulations.

We aim to combine growth with long-term economic success. We see both investments and the continuous training, support, and motivation of our employees as an important factor in achieving this.

Energy management and responsible use of resources are becoming more and more important. The greatest possible efficiency in using energy and raw materials is a constant principle of our company’s activities.

Respecting rules, provisions, and laws is a matter of course for our company. In conjunction with our employees and the authorities, we place great significance on hygiene as well as occupational health and fire safety.

Keeping a culture of respectful daily communication alive at all levels and presenting ourselves with authenticity to the outside world. We practice social responsibility and are involved in the arts, education, and sports.

The employees of Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH
Bitterfeld-Wolfen, 10/06/2015

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