Innovative technical films for card lamination

Folienwerk Wolfen was the first company to produce core and overlay films using multilayer plastic films. Cards for a wide range of uses are among the items that can be produced from PET films of various types.

To produce your cards, you need thicker core films and thinner overlay films. Both technical films are printable and can be laminated using all common methods.

We now have a worldwide reputation for our customized solutions for ID, credit, customer and voucher cards. We will gladly supply the perfect combination of our technical films to meet your needs as well.

By selectively controlling individual film layers, we place the specific property at the desired location on the film. Flexibility and quality consciousness help round out our product range.

We offer the following PET films for

PET-G core film

Whether white or transparent: these technical films, intended for the core of the cards, are optimized for further processing using all common methods. The plastic film can be printed with silk screening or UV offset printing.

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PET-G overlay film

This plastic film is used for optimal lamination of the core film. It can be upgraded if desired for laser engraving and furnished with special coatings. This technical film can also be printed with silk screening or UV offset printing.

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PET-MPE core film

This technical film is likewise used as the core film and is especially durable, withstands high temperatures and is shock-resistant.

PET-MPE overlay film

As a companion to the core film, this plastic film is also especially durable, shock resistant and resistant to high temperatures, and can be used like the PET-G overlay film.

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