Forming films: a variety of PET films for thermoforming

We know that thermoforming is about quality and speed. Whether through deep-drawing, sealing, or heat sealing – our PET films add value. We have the packaging film that fits your needs, from thermoforming film or rigid film for heat sealing, for blister packaging, for plastic boxes and much more. Put our more than 50 years of experience with PET films and other plastic films to work for you.

Sustainable PET films from recycled materials

Research and development is an important cornerstone of our company. We place a special focus in our innovations on sustainability. A sustainable packaging film, for instance, not only helps the environment but is also better accepted by consumers, and this in turn helps the product with environmentally compatible packaging enjoy more successful sales. Thanks to our in-house reclamation of PET films, we are able to produce high quality recyclate and thus to offer our customers an ecologically and economically smart alternative to PVC. We are also happy to accept cleanly sorted scrap films from our customers.

We have the packaging film that fits your needs

Our PET films for thermoforming fulfill various requirements, depending on specific needs. PET-G film, for example, has a wide temperature window, which allows for easy processing. For more extended exposure to heat, PET-MPE film is ideal. PET-GAG Tube Quality film is a packaging film that was developed especially for round tubes. There practically no limits placed on your wishes: whether you would like to have special colors for your packaging film, surface finishes such as antistatic for PET films, or a variety of laminations – specialties are our standard. Challenge us!

We would be happy to help you select the perfect product for your needs.


A cost-effective solution that is ideal if the thermoformed pieces are not going to be heat-sealed.

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This high-end solution offers the optimum prerequisites for problem-free processing at a wide range of temperatures.

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As a smart coextrusion of PET-A and PET-G, this material offers benefits that guarantee optimum processing.

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The solution where above-average temperature resistance is needed, this special film conforms to requirements even after extended exposure to heat.

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