evguard® EVA glass lamination film

Due to their outstanding resistance to heat and aging, EVA films made from the copolymer ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) are used in interior and exterior architecture. The result of years of research and development, evguard® laminate film exhibits its superior properties when used to laminate glass.

As you process your glass with evguard®, the EVA film forms a highly crosslinked composite layer. Unlike conventional PVB films, evguard® already fulfills the standards of the pendulum impact test with a composite structure from 4.4.1 (two sheets of glass 4 mm thick and a layer of film 0.380 mm thick). For the processor, this means real savings in terms of material, since just one layer of evguard® is enough to achieve the same solid and reliable result.

Because the glass layers form a solid composite once they are laminated with evguard® EVA film, and the film nonetheless remains highly elastic, this type of laminated glass is ideally suited for use as protection from break-ins or falls.

Glass lamination with evguard® EVA film is also suited for production of sound insulation glass (sound reduction index of at least 36 dB), fire-protection glass (greater fire-resistance than PVB) and laminated safety glass.

It is also possible to meet specifications for certain countries by adapting the properties of the film prior to glass lamination, such as increasing UV protection in southern countries.

Beautiful effects achieved by laminating glass with EVA film

In interior architecture, evguard® is frequently combined with interlayer films to achieve striking effects. You can laminate your glass with the film you select to furnish your glass surfaces or design objects with colors, textures or a modern one-way-vision effect.

Since the EVA film can be used to laminate glass at low temperatures, it is also possible to include temperature-sensitive inserts such as plants in the laminate.

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