Premium packaging film for medical devices (medical device films)

Especially high requirements are placed on the development and production of PET films for the medical sector. Flexibility, safety, traceability and documentation play an important role in the manufacture of thermoforming film for blister packaging and we give these aspects careful consideration. As a result, we can guarantee that sterility and safety are ensured in medical environments with the help of our packaging films.

We have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and BRC-IOP in order to fulfill the high requirements in the production of our thermoforming film for blister packaging.

We use certified raw materials and have perfected our processes in the production of high-quality medical films made from PET. Processing using certified internal and external raw materials once again highlights the intelligence of multilayer technology.

All important raw materials used in the production of packaging films conform to ISO 11607 and USP Class VI. It is of course also important to us that our thermoforming film can be sterilized unreservedly using ethylene oxide gas or gamma radiation.

Thermoforming film for the production of medical blister packaging

PET-G film

PET-G packaging film can be easily processed. This thermoforming film can be sealed, heat-sealed and moulded into blister packaging, and can be sterilized (gamma, ETO).

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PET-GAG film

As a smart coextrusion of the packaging films PET-A and certified PET-G, this material combines advantages that guarantee optimum workability. When thermoforming this film into blister packaging, the temperature of the tool should not drop below 30 °C and the mould temperature should exceed 120 °C.

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PET-MPE film

The solution when above-average temperature resistance is needed, since this packaging film conforms to requirements even after extended exposure to heat. The shock-resistance properties offered by this rigid film are particularly outstanding.
This packaging film can be sealed and heat-sealed using high frequency and, depending on the medium, ultrasound.

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