Print films for extraordinary design ideas

Professional printing can be used to achieve specific effects. We want our films to significantly help you in make exciting designs. In doing so, the design possibilities using our print films are virtually unlimited. From attractive packaging to decorative lenticular printing – with our PET films, you can determine the design.

PET films that fit your needs

Sustainability is important to us: our high-quality PET multilayer films are an environmentally compatible alternative to PVC. PET-A film is a cost-effective solution for protecting printed substrate materials. The high-end solution among print films, PET-G film, is ideally suited for all common printing methods. Our PET-GAG is a mixture of PET-A and PET-G that combines the advantages of the materials in both plastic films and features exceptional workability.

Lenticular films for 3D, flip, morph and moving-image printing

Lenticular film is a highlight in our range of print films. With this film you can achieve special lenticular printing results like 3D, flip, morph and moving-image effects. This film opens up countless possibilities for packaging design, plastic cards with eye-catching graphics, and more. With 75 lines per inch (LPI), lenticular film from Folienwerk Wolfen is a true all-rounder for a wide range of printing designs.

You can be sure that our PET films have a tight tolerance window in all dimensions and formatting angles.

What project do you want to create? We would be happy to help you select the right product for you.


A cost-effective solution ideally suited to protecting printed substrate materials.

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This high-end solution offers the optimum prerequisites for problem-free processing using current printing methods.

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As a smart coextrusion of PET-A and PET-G, this material offers benefits that guarantee optimum processing.

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