Multilayer films for added-value solutions

We were one of the first plastic processors to use multilayer technology to combine the properties of various polymers in a single film. We have specialized these films for individual areas of application.

Driven as we are by our great spirit of innovation, we continue to invest heavily in research and development activities. Thanks to our employees’ comprehensive and growing know-how, we offer our customers a well-rounded product range.

Packaging films

Smart films for direct use with food, offering outstanding properties for further processing.



Print films

Both lenticular and for displays. Whether using conventional or digital printing – we always have the right film.

Forming films

Quality and price – everything’s right.

Medical device films

Clearly structured processes and certified products.

Card lamination films

Core and overlay films for ID, credit, loyalty, and gift cards.

Glass lamination films

EVA films for laminated safety glass and decorative items.

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