Special-purpose film (specialties) – the right solution for every problem

There is no limit to the variations possible with our special-purpose films. We are constantly optimizing our films and adapting them to a vast range of purposes and conditions. Whether the task involves EVA films for glass lamination or safety and security film: the market specifies the requirements and we respond with intensive research and development of films that are constantly improving to meet every demand.

Many of our special-purpose films are temperature-resistant and are therefore ideally suited for fire safety. Our product range also includes safety and security film: the technical EVA film evguard® combined with glass offers special protection from breakage and is therefore not only a superior safety and security film but also withstands aggressive weather conditions. In addition, our technical EVA films are likewise used in architecture.

And especially for the environment: our special-purpose films are sustainable

With our product developments we are responding not only to safety and security or fire safety specifications: we also optimize our films to better protect the environment.

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role here – we have risen to this challenge and are pioneering in this area. In the process we are developing special-purpose films based on renewable raw materials while also considering recycling an important issue.

Many of our films consist of high-quality recycled materials, and we also like to use cleanly sorted scrap film from our customers.

We are always on the lookout for new challenges that – together with you – we can master successfully.

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